What Makes Cheatham County in Middle Tennessee a Best for Real Estate Investment?

Middle Tennessee

Are you considering investing in real estate? Cheatham County in Middle Tennessee could is an excellent choice with its access to numerous amenities, superb school system, peaceful natural surroundings and desirable housing market. From exclusive neighborhoods perched atop the rolling hills to small-town living nestled among lush timberlands, this Tennessee locale has something for everyone looking for a place to call home or a good investment opportunity.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss what makes Cheatham County such a hot spot for real estate investors so that you can make an informed decision. So let’s dive right into it.

Economic Growth and Development

Economic growth and development in Cheatham County is on the rise with the emergence of new job opportunities and businesses. The county’s strategic location and access to major metropolitan areas create an attractive environment for both small and large industries. With an increase in businesses, the demand for skilled labor like real estate agents and more has grown, leading to a surge in job openings.

This not only offers employment opportunities for residents but also attracts individuals from neighboring counties. As the economy continues to expand, more people are moving to Cheatham County, causing a rise in population growth and demand for property. This trend has significant implications for the county’s economic future as it presents new opportunities for investment and innovation.

Location and Accessibility

Cheatham County is located in Middle Tennessee and is conveniently situated near Nashville and other major cities, making it an accessible area for both residents and visitors. With its proximity to Nashville, the state capital, residents of Cheatham County have easy access to a variety of cultural and recreational activities, including music venues, museums, and sports events.

Additionally, the transportation infrastructure in the county makes travel easy and convenient, with major highways and Interstates connecting the area to neighboring cities and states.

Natural Beauty and Attractions

Cheatham County offers a wide range of natural beauty and attractions that make it a great location for real estate investment. These attractions include:

1. Outdoor Recreation Opportunities: Cheatham County in Middle Tennessee has a variety of opportunities for enjoying the great outdoors. The Ashland City Bicentennial Trail is a scenic 1.3-mile paved trail ideal for biking, walking, or jogging with beautiful views of the Cumberland River. The Harpeth River also offers opportunities for kayaking, fishing, and boating as well as hiking, camping, and exploring the river’s stunning beauty

2. Historical and Cultural Attractions: Cheatham County is rich in history and has several cultural attractions to offer. The county is home to the Bell Witch Cave, a historic site known for its spooky tales and folk legends. It also has Civil War sites such as Ashland City Railroad Trestle, Sycamore Mills, and Port Royal State Park. There are also other museums and historic sites that offer interesting exhibits and events throughout the year.

3. Parks and Festivals: Cheatham County is home to several parks and festivals that offer plenty of family-friendly activities. Harpeth River State Park, Cheatham Dam & Locks Park, Harpe’s Creek Wildlife Management Area, and Carlisle-Gordon Access Area all offer picnic areas, camping grounds, and many activities for the outdoor adventurer. In September, the county hosts an annual river festival that features live music, food trucks, and other fun activities for everyone.

Low Cost of Living and Affordable Property Prices

Cheatham County in Middle Tennessee is an ideal location for real estate investment due to its affordable cost of living and property prices. Below are some factors that make Cheatham County a great destination for those looking to live comfortably without breaking the bank:

Comparison of Home Prices in Cheatham County to Surrounding Areas

Home prices in Cheatham County in Middle Tennessee are significantly lower than in the larger cities in the area such as Nashville and Brentwood. Median home prices in Cheatham County is around $190,000 while in Nashville it is around $315,000. This means that buyers can save thousands of dollars by opting for a property in Cheatham County while still enjoying access to the charming suburban lifestyle that defines the area. The lower home prices make it a great place for families, first-time homebuyers, and retirees.

Cost of Living Index in Comparison to Other Cities and States

The cost of living in Cheatham County in Middle Tennessee is lower than the national average. This is excellent news for those looking to live in the area without incurring high costs of basic needs. Cheatham County’s cost of living index is 85.5 which is lower compared to the national average of 100. It is also lower than other big cities like New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles which have a cost of living index of over 150. As such, residents of Cheatham County can enjoy a comfortable lifestyle without having to break the bank.

No state income tax in Tennessee

One significant benefit of investing in Cheatham County is that Tennessee has no state income tax. This means that residents can keep more money in their pockets and have more to spend on things that matter to them. This can be a significant financial advantage for homebuyers, especially those that operate small businesses.

Potential Future Developments and Investments

Investing in potential future developments is a wise strategy for those looking to grow and diversify their portfolios. By researching planned projects and developments in a particular area, investors can gain insight into where the greatest opportunities for growth and return on investment may lie. As cities and suburbs continue to grow and expand, the potential for increased property values also rises.

However, it is important to approach a real estate agent for any investment with caution and thorough analysis, to ensure that the potential for growth aligns with your financial goals and risk tolerance. As with any investment, there is always some level of uncertainty, but by staying informed and proactive, investors can position themselves for success in a changing landscape.


Cheatham County is truly a real estate investor’s dream area. With its low cost of living, consistent population growth, and the potential to buy undervalued properties, you can find success in any investment opportunity you choose. Real estate investors should consider buying in this highly appealing region now while they still can—opportunities won’t last forever.

By understanding the local market conditions and staying informed on the latest trends, you will be able to maximize your return on investment. With patience and dedication, Cheatham County may just become your next successful venture.

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